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Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


2.No deleting posts // Only mods
3.No anonymous posting
4.You need to be an
active member; if something comes up or you have been really busy for some reason please leave a post letting us know so you wont be deleted because its not your fault stuff comes up.
5.We want your opinions heard so post [yes // no] on new applications
6.Promoting is aloud in this community as long as u promote us to them as well if not the post will be deleted.

_Application _

1.We want a big community and we are looking for members to make this community lively! We ask for everyone to apply . We want to hear about you and what you have to say.
2.All applications must be posted using a lj cut
Place Application Here
3.In the subject line of your post must say “Vogue material?”
4.When posting an application be sure to bold the subjects to make it easier for everyone to read.
5.Most of all be honest. And good luck!



_Basic Info_
Hair color:
Eye color:

T.V. show:

5 Favorite movies

10 favorite bands:

War in Iraqi:

Same Sex Marriages:

Self Mutilation:

_About You_
What makes you different?

What’s something bad about you?

What do you like most about yourself?

Anything that you would like to add?

Promote us to at least 3 other live journals and or communities copy link here for proof:


* 3 or more
* Clear
* Not too large some of us still have dial-up

Promotion Banners








*boys*, ae, all american rejects, arguing, art, babies, baseball, being ditzy, being hyper, being random, being stupid, blue, bowling, boyfriends, bracelets, brand new, california, chatting online, cheerleading, cleaning, coloring, concerts, converse, crazy stupid, crushes, dance, darkness, diaries, dinosaurs, dr.pepper, drawing, dreams, eating, emo, eyeliner, family, fashion, flowers, football, france, friends, grades, guys, guys in bands, hanging out, having fun, hawaii, hawthorn heights, hearts, hid and go seek, holding hands, hollister, hoodies, horseback riding, hot chocolate, hot pink, hugs, icons, insane, internet, jack johnson, journals, jumping in puddles, kisses, laughing, licking things, lifegaurding, ligers, lip gloss, livejournal, llamas, lollipops, love, marine biology, memories, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, music videos, my chemical romance, my room, myspace, ocean, orange, outdoors, pac sun, painting, paris, pennywise, phantom planet, phone, photography, pillows, pink, playing in the rain, pretty eyes, punk, robots, rock, sand castles, school, science, senses fail, shoes, shopping, singing, singing in the shower, skater boys, skaters, sleeping, smiling, smoothies, snow, starbucks, starburst, stars, string cheese, sublime, summer time, sunglasses, sunnyslope high school, sunsets, surfer boys, surfers, surfing, swimming, synchronized swimming, taking back sunday, tanning, the ataris, the beach, the esplanade, the mall, the movies, the o.c., the smell of rain, the sun, the used, theater, traveling, vintage, water, working out, yellowcard, you, your smile.