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another rating community...

_Basic Info_
Name: Sarah
Age 16
Sex: Female
DOB: 1/10/1989
Location: California
Height: 5'4
Hair color: blonde and brown
Eye color: blue


Color: pink and black
Food: green bell peppers
Place: my boyfriend's arms
Celebrity: Paris Hilton, Chad Michael Murray, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson
Cartoon: The Simpsons, Family Guy
T.V. show: The OC, House

5 Favorite movies: A Walk To Remember, Phantom Of The Opera, Napoleon Dynamite, Dirty Dancing, Sixteen Candles

10 favorite bands: TBS, Linkin Park, Something Corporate, Blink-182, Green Day, Yellowcard, Motion City Soundtrack, 3 Doors Down, Lifehouse, No Doubt


War in Iraqi: I think that we should get out of there as quickly as possible. We are not doing anything good and we are harming millions of innocent civilians and soldiers each day. Bush is finishing what his father kinda created(Desert Storm) and it is ridiculous. I would have voted Kerry thank you very much...


Same Sex Marriages:If two people are happy and in love, why can't they get married? Only God can judge if it is right or wrong, not us humans. I say, let them marry.


Self Mutilation: I never have suffered with this although one of my best friends had a major problem with it. I really do not know what to say about this because I don't quite understand it.


_About You_
What makes you different? I am interesting, fun, outgoing, my boobs are even(lol my friends and i joke about it), and I am an overall great person!


What’s something bad about you? I'm not a virgin although my boyfriend and I decided to hold off on sex until we are married. Also, I have been told that I can be "manipulative" at times but I don't do it on purpose.


What do you like most about yourself? I like my charisma, I like how I can be outgoing and yet shy as heck. I love my eyes, I have been told that they are like mood rings.


Anything that you would like to add? Nope, nothing that I can think of at the moment! :-D


Promote us to at least 3 other live journals and or communities copy link here for proof:







* 3 or more
* Clear
* Not too large some of us still have dial-up





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