Jenn(ifer) (framed_frown) wrote in modelize_this,

Vogue Material?


_Basic Info_
Name: Jennifer L.
Age: 14
Sex: Female
DOB: 8/3/90
Location: Phoenix, Arizona or Winnsboro, Louisiana
Height: 5'2
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue

Color: Pink
Food: Any seafood
Place: Louisiana or Tennessee
Celebrity: Chad Michael Murry!
Cartoon: Rugrats
T.V. show: One Tree Hill And The O.C.

5 Favorite movies: Coyote Ugly, Hope Floats, Save The Last Dance, Napolean Dynomite, Shrek

10 favorite bands: I don't have ten but some are Switchfoot, The Killers, Modest Mouse, and Authority Zero.

War in Iraqi: Well, my cousin had to go out to war and it was kind of scary. It scares me a lot because I do not like death but I think it is nessecary. And if need be, I would join the army.

Same Sex Marriages: Well, being the person I am I would not ever really need to fight for this cause because I am straight. The thing is, I really think it is someone's opinion which should be respected if they want to marry someone of the same sex. It doesn't affect me any.

Self Mutilation: It makes me incredibly sad. I see where it could help some people but some people do it for attention. If I could get rid of it, I definately would.

_About You_
What makes you different? There isn't really anything incredibly unique about me. I'm very passionate about anything I do. I love to read and write and I love to learn. I try not to take for granted the gifts that I get.

What’s something bad about you? I chew my bottom lip! My sister hates it and constantly points it out. It's a weird habit.

What do you like most about yourself? The thing I like about myself is that I have nice teeth. I have a huge fetish about great teeth.

Anything that you would like to add? I am a good secretkeeper.



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---thinking there is a way self mutilation could help people.
+opinion on war
- thinking that just because something doesn't affect you you shouldn't fight for it
+you're pretty cute
-not enough bands
+you made your app pretty

your pretty, i didnt agree with some one your opinions. i LOVE one tree hill and the o.c. also so thats a big plus! you seem like a very nice girl. im gona have to go with a weak yes.
how can you stamp someone when there are only two votes and it's tied
i say, YOU could have voted.
yeah well i stamped because no one else is voting, so shes accpted