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Vogue Material?. for the second time

_Basic Info_
Name: Amanda M.
Age: 15

Sex: Female
DOB: 01/18/1990
Location: Phoenix
Height: 5ft. 3in
Hair color: blonde and red
Eye color: green/hazel


Color: orange or lime green
Food: i would have to say chipwhichs or enchaladas
Place: california
Celebrity:   julia stiles, or anglalina jolie.
Cartoon: the simpons and family guy
T.V. show: oth, the oc, american idol, jack and bobby, basically everything on the WB b/c i don't have cable tee hee :-D


5 Favorite movies

  •  Stealing Home
  • Swing Kids
  • Thirteen
  • Save the Last Dance
  • Girl Interuppted

10 favorite bands:  just before i start u guys say be honest so thats what im gonna be

  1. Dixie Chicks
  2. Switchfoot
  3. Maroon Five
  4. Greenday
  5. linkin park
  6. eminem
  7. tori amos
  8. the killers
  9. nirvana
  10. coldplay

haha like the shades of purple?!

War in Iraqi: i think that we went there to get what we wanted and now that we have it we should stop and just let them be. We have helped them in all ways possible. I think its wrong that they are killing innocent bystanders that have no control over whats going on. I also think that it was wrong of Bush to assume that there were weapons of mass destruction. And that its very hypocritical that we can have them but they can't. We should just fix our economy, get rid of all of our debts instead of making them worse.  

Same Sex Marriages: This is an issue through out many humans in this world. I think that they should have the exact same rights as us because they are just the same. Love is love and that everyone should be able to express their love for one and another even if its the same sex. They can't control that they like the same sex as others can't control that they like the opposite sex. I think that this issue is dumb and others aren't being considerate of others feelings.


Self Mutilation: self mutilation isn't the way to solve anything. i think its wrong that some do it for attention. others who do it need some help and need to talk about whats going on in their life. I myself am one that found out that finding someone u trust to tell all ur problems to is a big help and relieves a lot more stress than inflicting pain on urself. it is something that needs to get solved and when the person thinks its right to come out of thier shell and talk or have a friend care about them enough to have the person talk to someone is just enough. it just takes time for those who do it. but eventually they will get happy and find out that self mutilation didn't slove any of their problems. just made others scared for their dear friends.


_About You_
What makes you different? i think what makes me different is that im myself. and i can admit when i get annoying and or mean. i choose chicks over dicks and i feel that i stick up for my friends if they need it or ask for help.


What’s something bad about you? i can get rather annoying because im really loud. but thats just someones opinion. 


What do you like most about yourself? i like how im not afarid to be myself. if someone has a problem with me then i just think that they're missing out on a valuable friendship.


Anything that you would like to add? this is my second time applying to this so im rather nervous. wish me luck!!! :-D


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 one can never have too much fun!



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